Back to the studio

14 Oct , 2019  


It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

I’ve been busy decorating my house, enjoying a break, buying loads of amazing 80s vinyl, and sporadically feeling inspired to write some new tracks on and off over the summer. It’s never good to force these things, but I hope to be able to bring some of these to you soon.

Andrew Martin in studio
Back in the studio Oct 2019

I hope to have I Don’t Need A Lover and These Days finished for you real soon, as I would personally like to get those out into the wild, as they mean more to me than ever now, and it would feel good to be able to move on from them.

Other tracks I’ve been writing/working up, include (current) titles of On & On, If I Had Your Number, Staring At The Sun, and The Lights Are Going Out.



New single ‘Father Christmas Is On His Way’ to get release on 7th December

27 Nov , 2018  

Andrew releases the single ‘Father Christmas Is On His Way’ to all major stores and streaming services on 7th December 2018, and a strictly limited edition 7″ picture disc.

'Father Christmas Is On His Way' by Andrew Martin - single cover 2018

The track was recorded for last Christmas but streamed only to a small audience, and without download. This year, the track has been released across all worldwide streaming and download stores for you to add a little bit of magic to your Christmas.

The song recaptures the childhood magic of Christmas Eve, and listening out for Father Christmas to arrive with presents.

This is the first time that Andrew has appeared on vinyl.

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Back In The Studio

25 Feb , 2017  

Andrew Martin's studio piano keyboard keys

Andrew has returned to the studio this week to record new tracks for The Vorticist, which include the previously mentioned track I Don’t Need A Lover, all of which will join previous single I Am The Lion on the long-awaited follow-up to last year’s Mixes album.

This announcement follows on from his previous Instagram teaser 3 weeks ago.

Previous singles A Moment With You and Irresistible are unlikely to make a re-appearance on the tracklist.


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Andrew covers A Winter’s Tale by David Essex

25 Dec , 2016  

Andrew Martin - A Winter's Tale (2016) cover

Andrew has recorded a version of the David Essex hit, A Winter’s Tale, giving the track a much darker tone to it’s somewhat sinister original lyrics that David had cheerfully recorded years before.

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