Here’s Andrew Martin’s albums and singles discography, with the most recent release first.

  • Cover : Mixes
    This collection of 10 previously unreleased mixes, dug deep into the recording vaults at Subfonic, and brought a number of previous remix collaborations to light. The mixes are a diverse [...]
    • 103:52A Moment With You (Idioteque Remix)
    • 205:30Humankind (TRansmute! Humans In Space Remix)
    • 307:57I'll Be Gone (MJY Club Mix)
    • 404:55Amnesty/Wreckage (MJY Mix)
    • 503:20Irresistible (Garax Hyrojacks Mix)
    • 605:29While You Were Sleeping (MJY Dark Nova Mix)
    • 703:33Humankind (Des Seb Remix)
    • 804:36Irresistibe (FxCannon ReDux)
    • 903:48Silent Screamer (MJY Orchestral Version)
    • 1005:23Humankind (DJ Fernando Contura Remix)
  • Cover : I Am The Lion
    I Am The Lion was released worldwide on 7th October 2013, as a digital single, and was his first release in almost four years. Andrew wrote the track and recorded it [...]
    • 103:22I Am The Lion
  • Cover : Irresistible
    Irresistible was released as a single worldwide on 29th June 2009, and was at that time intended to be the second single from his forthcoming album The Vorticist. The track [...]
    • 104:13Irresistible
    • 205:09Irresistible (Sven Erler Remix)
    • 302:36Irresistible (Sean Goes Pop! Mix)
  • Cover : While You Were Sleeping (Reissue)
    While You Were Sleeping was reissued as a digital single worldwide on 9th February 2009, having originally been released on limited CD in the summer of 2002. The tracklist didn’t change, giving [...]
    • 104:44While You Were Sleeping
    • 204:06Finding My Feet
    • 306:57While You Were Sleeping (MJY Extended Mix)
  • Cover : A Moment With You
    A Moment With You was released on 11th February 2008 on CD and to worldwide digital stores, just in time for Valentine’s Day, and it marked Andrew’s return, and his first [...]
    • 104:15A Moment With You
    • 203:00Silent Screamer (Acoustic)
    • 307:46A Moment With You (MJY Club Mix)
  • Cover : The Fury And The Fire
    Andrew released The Fury And The Fire on CD and digital download on 27th June 2005, and it became his first solo album to appear under his own name. The album featured [...]
    • 104:09Amnesty/Wreckage
    • 205:00I'll Be Gone
    • 303:23Secret Army
    • 404:04Finding My Feet
    • 505:16While You Were Sleeping (MJY Dark Beat Mix)
    • 603:44Gotta Get Over You
  • Cover : Amnesty/Wreckage
    Andrew released his single Amnesty/Wreckage on 23rd February 2004 on limited edition CD and digital download. The track was written by poet and journalist Alan Pedder, who delivered a number of unpublished [...]
    • 104:09Amnesty/Wreckage
    • 203:44Gotta Get Over You
    • 304:37While You Were Sleeping (MJY Radio Edit)
  • Cover : While You Were Sleeping
    Andrew released his debut solo single (under his own name) on 12th August 2002, on limited CD. The title track, which is a heavy, plodding, electronic track, is a song [...]
    • 104:44While You Were Sleeping
    • 204:06Finding My Feet
    • 306:57While You Were Sleeping (MJY Extended Mix)