25 Feb , 2017  

Cover : Amnesty/Wreckage

Andrew released his single Amnesty/Wreckage on 23rd February 2004 on limited edition CD and digital download.

The track was written by poet and journalist Alan Pedder, who delivered a number of unpublished poems to Andrew, allowing him to pick one or some to record as songs. Picking ‘Amnesty (a wreckage)’ he made only a titular edit, and one line near the end, before turning it into his track. He added b-side Gotta Get Over You, and a radio edit by Matt Youens of his previous single While You Were Sleeping and the single was released.

Buy it now: iTunes (UK), Amazon, GooglePlay, or stream from Spotify.

Catalogue Number: SUBS020.

  • 104:09Amnesty/Wreckage
  • 203:44Gotta Get Over You
  • 304:37While You Were Sleeping (MJY Radio Edit)

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