25 Feb , 2017  

Cover : Mixes

This collection of 10 previously unreleased mixes, dug deep into the recording vaults at Subfonic, and brought a number of previous remix collaborations to light. The mixes are a diverse group of sounds, and they take on tracks spanning a 14 year discography.

A few of the album’s mixes came from his long-term collaboration with musician and producer Matthew Youens (MJY), but also included the winners of the Irresistible and Humankind single remix competitions – Des Seb and TRansmute! (both Humankind competition winners), and are joined here by DJ Fernando Contura, whose entry didn’t win the competition, but was highly commended.

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Catalogue Number: SUB008

  • 103:52A Moment With You (Idioteque Remix)
  • 205:30Humankind (TRansmute! Humans In Space Remix)
  • 307:57I'll Be Gone (MJY Club Mix)
  • 404:55Amnesty/Wreckage (MJY Mix)
  • 503:20Irresistible (Garax Hyrojacks Mix)
  • 605:29While You Were Sleeping (MJY Dark Nova Mix)
  • 703:33Humankind (Des Seb Remix)
  • 804:36Irresistibe (FxCannon ReDux)
  • 903:48Silent Screamer (MJY Orchestral Version)
  • 1005:23Humankind (DJ Fernando Contura Remix)

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